Everything of importance has already been expressed. But not in this way. Not in this time. I travel and I invite you to my gallery. I travel in reality and imagination. I move through movement, sound and letters. I settle in doubtful places with trustful company. I move on through art and science. I want to listen and stay and be on my way. These are the traces of my foothold, composed as I perceive them. Once in a while I open my gallery to the public through this site or in physical places.

I am a dancer that became a language teacher, that became a seamstress, that became a musician, that became a guide, that became a choreographer, that became a composer, that became an artist, that became a stage technician, that became a dancer. I am what I do, maybe everything or nothing of the above right at this moment. I have managed many of the roles within production and performance of artistic activity, within teaching, within organising events and managing a company. I was born in Sweden and my family is global. I believe in us, in respect and in curiosity.

Welcome to see some of my former work on this website:



Josefine Chiacchiero’s artistic work is defined by a constant exploration and creation around all aspects of a performing art work. During her studies in dance at the University of Dance and Circus, she came into contact with flamenco and it became the starting point for many years of professional activity within dance and music. She has been a freelancer in the Performing Arts area since 2011 and has been active as an artistic director, choreographer, dancer, educator, lecturer and producer. In 2018, Josefine studied a master’s degree in Contemporary Performative Arts, which resulted in various concerts and art installations: a flamenco dress and concert for Poseidon at Götaplatsen, a performance at the Sound Art festival Verona Risuona and a dance video installation at the Performing Arts Museum’s permanent exhibition on dance. Her activity has toured in numerous contexts in Sweden and abroad such as Spain, England, Finland and the USA. Among other things, she played one of the main roles in the set of Strindberg’s “The Father” in Miami, with the company Ballet Flamenco La Rosa.


Josefine Chiacchieros konstnärliga arbete definieras av ett ständigt utforskande och skapande kring alla aspekter av ett scenkonstverk. Under hennes studier i dans på Dans- och Cirkushögskolan kom hon i kontakt med flamenco och det kom att bli startpunkten för många års professionell verksamhet inom dans och musik. Hon har frilansat inom Scenkonstområdet sedan 2011 och varit verksam som konstnärlig ledare, koreograf, dansare, pedagog, föreläsare och producent. 2018 studerade Josefine en masterutbildning i Contemporary Performative Arts, vilket utmynnade i diverse konserter och konstinstallationer:  Flamencokostym och konsert för Poseidon på Götaplatsen, performance på ljudkonstfestivalen Verona Risuona samt Videoinstallation i Scenkonstmuseets fasta utställning om dans. Hennes verksamhet har turnerat i mängder av sammanhang i Sverige samt utomlands såsom Spanien, England, Finland och USA. Bland annat spelade hon en av huvudrollerna i uppsättningen av Strindbergs “Fadren” i Miami, med kompaniet Ballet Flamenco La Rosa.